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FASTFORWARD Media is seeking to secure funding for a documentary project already in the production highlighting the sport of Skijoring.

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Durango, CO, USA


Skiers, Horses and Cowboys come together to form teams for this full-throttle time-trial sport. Skijoring is a winter/snow season, horse-powered team sport with a rider pulling a skier in a time-trial down a designated course with gates, rings, and jumps. It takes place all over the Rocky Mountains wherever agriculture, skiers and cowboys exist.  FASTFORWARD Media, LLC is embarking on a journey to document these competitors stories, lives and races between the Silverton and Leadville Skijoring event in 2015.  

FASTFORWARD Media plans to film at the following events: 

    •    Silverton Skijoring Event - Febrauary 13th, 14th and 15th, 2015

    •    Leadville Skijoring Event - March 7th and 8th, 2015

The Four Corners Film Office (4CFO) is administering the Clowd on the Main Street Crowd platform to support film based projects, including this Skijoring Documentary to be produced by FASTFOWARD. Main Street Crowd/Clowd funding will enable FASTFORWARD Media to kick it into high gear for film production.  The goal is to raise $10k.  The Clowd funding will be used for higher end camera rentals, drones, travel, lodging, mixing and color for the final film.  

More on the History of Skijoring

The sport of skijoring began several hundred years ago in Scandinavian countries as a way to travel during the long winters. Laplander’s skied on Nordic skis holding the reins attached to reindeer. In the 1949, skijoring found its way to North America, where ranchers attached a long rope to the saddle horn of a horse that was ridden at high speeds down a long straight-away.  The longest standing race is in Leadville, Colorado which has been going strong year-after-year since 1949.  Currently, the sport of equestrian skijoring has become a highly specialized competitive sport, where competitors must navigate a course of jumps, gates and sometime spear rings. Competitive skijoring competitions are currently taking place in over 5 states in the USA, and in several countries worldwide.