Riding for Youth Development

This Bicycle Tour from Los Alamos to Gallup, New Mexico and back is raising funds primarily for Northern New Mexico Youth Development.

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Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA

Hi!  My name is Robert Joseph Miller.  Bicycle Touring is a viable and healthy way to explore and enjoy Northern New Mexico's out doors.  It is also a tool that I plan to use for a fund raising project to support Northern New Mexico Youth Development.  On this coming Columbus Day Holiday Weekend, I will do an Epic Bycicle Tour from Los Alamos to Gallup and back.


I plan to arrive in Gallup on Friday 10 October and return to Los Alamos by Monday (Columbus Day).

I am raising $6,000 primarily for our Los Alamos Civil Air Patrol Cadet(s) Program(s), but those that would like to support other programs like Northern New Mexico Arts, Water Resource Projects, and Youth Development are encouraged to participate in this weekend fund raising campaign.

Like I've done in the past, after my weekend epic tour is complete, I plan to provide a journal describing all that happened during the tour.  I intend to include the names of all donors in the credits section of this epic bicycle tour journal.

Please consider giving generously to support the development of our Northern New Mexico Youth.  All donations large and small are welcome.  If you can't donate, please pass my campaign forward.

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Robert Joseph Miller