Next Mission Founders Circle

Help create the first Veterans' Workforce Development Hub to help NM veterans transition into the civilian workforce and create economic base jobs.

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Algodones, NM, USA

Join us in this unique opportunity!

We are creating the first Veterans' Workforce Development Hub in the nation that will change the model for addressing the health, social, educational, and therapeutic needs of the large veteran population in the state of New Mexico in ways that foster economic development. This is an extraordinary opportunity for New Mexico to lead the nation in developing a concept that is scalable nationwide.  And your opportunity to be a part of it from the ground up!

The concept involves public/private partnerships in concert with non-profit organizations and academic institutions working together to create a safe, comprehensive, accessible physical campus and robust online resources that enable U.S Veterans to identify their challenges, find their strengths, and acquire the skills they need to succeed while at the same time, fostering the growth of economic base jobs in key employment sectors to move the needle on job growth in the State. It also promotes entrepreneurism and develops the skilled, employable workforce needed to attract new business to the State.

The Proposed Campus

We have located a vacant, developed commercial space with 49 acres to accommodate almost any use for veteran training. It has roughly 160,000 sq. ft. total including 10,000 sq. ft. of commercial restaurant space, paved parking for over 1,000 vehicles, and easy Interstate access.  It's also just 2 miles from a stop on the NM Rail Runner Express!

Plans call for class rooms, physical therapy, outreach coordinators, educational services, computer labs, and office space for various non-profit organizations with over 100,000 sq. ft. of private business expansion space. It would quickly become a one-stop shop for transitioning veterans into successful careers and a multi-disciplinary campus that embodies a “Center of Excellence” to serve all the needs of our returning veterans along with a boost to the State in jobs!

The Big Picture

The total cost to begin work to re-purpose this property and prepare it for tenants will be in the neighborhood of $2 million that we will obtain through federal, state and private grants and incentives.  The campus will be self-sustaining within 2 years allowing additional funds to be spent building out for additional services and on-site non-profits.  

The Founders Circle Initiative

So, you ask, with millions in grants on the way, why do we need this $30,000?  This "seed money" will allow us to get the property under contract and pay a talented team of grant writers to find and secure the funding we need.  But more importantly, it provides you, individuals and businesses in New Mexico, the opportunity to become a part of the process at the grass roots level. Only those who pledge during this limited project period will automatically become members of our exclusive Founders Circle and have the satisfaction of knowing they helped kick off this important initiative!  

Your pledge will entitle you to special recognition and on-going benefits from Next Mission New Mexico! Anyone can pledge funds to the project, and businesses and organizations can also pledge matching funds and be recognized as key players in this initiative, and even have your name on the site in an engraved brick!

Join today with your pledge to support our veterans and create jobs in New Mexico.  Be a part of history!

Thank you!