Legacy Now Lived

A Locally Created, Written & Produced Short Film Project to Provide Support for Families, Individuals, and Healthcare Workers Impacted by Adoption.

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Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA

Raising Awareness and Encouraging Family Preservation...

That is what this Short Film Project is all about!   

Do you remember the first time you heard about the concept of Adoption?

The questions "Who am I?" "Do you love me?" "Why am I here?" "Do I matter?"

"My heart feels broken… I am not sure why"…

Are common adoption speak for those of us in this adoption tapestry.

We have an opportunity here in Los Alamos to provide a tool that I believe will help to unlock the myths and mysteries surrounding the impact of adoption.

There are between 6 and 7 million adult adoptees in America. That equates to 12-14 million adoptive and       birth parents!  Not to exclude the 24-28 million grandparents and countless siblings! Six out of ten people in America have been touched by adoption in some way.

The odds of just one of us folks entering in to your family, your classroom, your hospitals, your workplace, and ultimately, your hearts is undeniably high!

How equipped and prepared are you to have adoption conversations with us?

My primary focus for this film project is to give each family member voice, vision, and value. I will first of all lean in listen and learn from the adoption community here in Los Alamos NM and beyond through interviews, research and conversastions. Next we gather as a team to create the Tapestry Film!  Finally, we will as a community deliver this message to every hospital and social service agency in New Mexico, and beyond!

As an adoptee myself, I have walked the journey of love, loss, rejection, confusion,

joy, and finally, my undeniable hope and joy. I get it...

Together with you, the community of Los Alamos we commit to raise awareness and offer to our culture a more Conscious Adoption Approach™

The money that will be raised from this campaign will be used to lay the necessary foundations to launch this film project, conduct interviews and produce educational materials for the community.

Los Alamos, not only where discoveries are made but also...

"Where Healthy Families are Grown"!

The next step in putting together this educational film is you.  I need you all!

Writers, Actors, Artists, Videographers and Musicians to come alongside each other to produce a short film right here in our community!

We in Los Alamos care about growing healthy families and

we have what it takes to do this film project!

I am here to remind you all that I am that baby in the crib...

almost 50 years later...

In this world one in six people or in other words, over 30 million people have been impacted by adoption. I am one of those people.

I am LeAnne Parsons, The Walk Your Talk Coach. 

Each adoptee has at least two sets of families – of which all members are deeply affected by the adoption and relinquishment experience. Despite this, the lifelong affects of adoption and relinquishment are largely invisible and unknown to the public eye. Grief, loss, trauma, and addictions are just some of the effects...

Movies that are adoption specific are a great way to educate,

share, and inform others about adoption.  

Inside The Tapestry:

There are many within the tapestry of adoption that do not have access to medical records,

birth certificates and open records.

These challenges along with many others that we will discover as our project unfolds will reveal the lost or forgotten threads.  For most adoptees and their families, a disconnect, a strong awareness that something is missing. That missing thread can cause holes, unraveling, and often times confusion within the heart and mind of those impacted by Adoption. I believe that lost or forgotten threads are the hearts, voices, and stories that up until today have been somewhat unmentionable. I stand here and share, "What is Unmentionable is Unmanageable".  The tapestry of adoption has many unraveled threads and holes. Perhaps these tattered threads and holes have been woven in because of pride, rejection, bitterness, shame, fear, unanswered questions, and insecurities.  

Are you ready to lean in and listen, really listen? 

My primary focus for this video project is to give each family member voice, vision, and value. I will first of all lean in listen and learn from the adoption community here in Los Alamos NM and beyond. It is time for the secrets to stop and for each of us to wake up and fiercely listen!

Birth moms perspective: “I will never stop thinking about my child. She will always be a part of who I am”.

"I did not place my child because she was “unwanted.” I wanted her so much that I continued a pregnancy filled with unanswered questions".

Inside The Tapestry of Adoption

Perspectives. Conversations. Insights.

For Adoptive families for us all...

I was adopted as an infant, during a time when adoption was still shrouded in secrecy. My birthmother kept her pregnancy hidden from her family for 25 years! Can you pause for just a moment and imagine keeping that kind of secret?

I spent over 70 days in foster care until I went home with my adoptive parents and two adopted brothers. A year later, we welcomed in yet another adoptive sibling, my beautiful sister to our family!  My parents felt they were being "open" when they told me I was adopted, but to be honest, no one really helped me understand what "adoption" really was. None of my friends were adopted, or maybe they just weren't talking about it. Adoption was a big secret but I thought about it often. I wondered if my friend's mom might be my "real" mom. I even went so far as to fantasize that Olivia Newton John was my real mom- after all I liked to sing, dance, and was blonde too!

I was conditioned to believe it was irrelevant.  

It wasn't until my kids were born that I really began to explore how my adoption shaped me. Over the last 25 years, I have begun to connect the dots of my story and ask questions. May I take this time to share, I love my adoptive familiy. They are precious to me, and I am so grateful for each and everyone of them. I am equally graeful for my biological family.  I met my birthmother and her family 25 years ago,  I am so grateful for my life.  The love and warmth she and her family have extended to our family has been a blessing for over 25 years now.  I have also searched for and found my birth father's family. He is no longer alive, but I have pictures of him. For the first time in my life,  I was able to see a tribe of people I resemble.

My experience is not unique, but it is important. I now understand that the main reason adoptees don't talk about their struggles is generally the same. When we are young, we don't have the ability to identify our experience and articulate our feelings. As an adoptee gets older, if no one is talking about adoption, we get the sense that our feelings won't be understood or validated. I'm now a Professional Life/Leadership and Relationship Restoration Coach myself and have spent years listening and learning from my adoption tribe. I now work with adoptive families. In my work I strive to help this generation of adoptees, adoptive families and birth parents to have a different experience than I did.

             Please Don’t dismiss this project because you are not personally touched by adoption yet…

Did you catch that word? "Yet"...

The Center for Adoption Support and Education states that 60% of Americans have contact with adoption in some way.

It has been my experience both personally and professionally that adoptive parents are unaware of how often their child thinks about their birth parents and ancestry.

 I advocate that adopted individuals’ and parents’ voices are central to dispelling the myths and misperceptions about adoption and relinquishment. I also understand that healing and recovery from adoption, complicated grief, and relinquishment are lifelong experiences. Overall, I advocate for openness, honesty, and transparency in adoption policies, practices, and attitudes.

Lets Make NOvember a "YESvember!"

Due to the lack of education about adoption, grief loss, and relinquishment, a priority of Legacy Now Lived™ is to inform lay people, professionals, and those who have an adoption experience about adoption’s lifelong impact.

This project will provide education and as a result, better communication, deeper understanding to professionals, counselors, social workers, physicians, educators, lawyers, clergy, and the media with resources and tools they can read watch and share with others.


*Adoption can refer to legal adoption or to emotional adoption through fostering, step-parenting, alternative reproductive technology, kinship, guardianship, and other complex blended family forms.  

If you would like to listen to an interview I did on Adoption Perspectives about this issue, here is the link. 


In addition I have recorded several radio shows on adoption awareness with authors, advocates, and other beautfiul voices within the adoption community. Click the link below to access the archieved radio shows. 


**Thank you to Pacer, Adoption Perspectives, iPEC and many other individuals and organizations who seek to raise awareness for those impacted by adoption. So many of us have contributed to this information and research.

May we Boldly Walk our Talk into a Legacy Now Lived™, and Impact with Love, the Generations to Come!

Thank you for your support!

LeAnne Parsons CPC, ELI-MP