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Give today to help form a new community hub! Launch Endurance will be a geeky fun training facility designed to remove obstacles. All welcome!

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Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA

Who doesn't want to be healthier and feel better? Do you want to have more energy? Or, for someone who is already competing in cycling, swimming, or triathlon events- do you want to be faster and have more fun? I sure do!

Together, let's build a place that energizes us and where we can get healthier. Let's build a place for cycling and swimming training that is a community hub, supportive of all abilities and ages, with the latest in geeky equipment to help us efficiently get healthier and fitter. At the same time, we can help Los Alamos economic development by attracting athletes from outside Los Alamos to this great training facility. I've started the wheels turning on this community hub: Launch Endurance. I currently have a commercial space for the facility in Downtown Los Alamos and an architect is working on the plans. I need your help to turn this vision into a reality. Please help fund or, if you cannot, please encourage others to fund this facility for Los Alamos. Every dollar makes a difference and will be used to help pay for the architect fees and the required permits. Any money raised over the goal amount is really appreciated and will all be used for the facility build out and equipment purchases. This facility will have a lot of upfront costs.

At Launch Endurance, we can ride our own bikes, measure and discuss our watts, and celebrate achieving our goals. By using our own bikes, that fitness will translate well to our outdoor biking activities. We can have fun, too, chasing each other down in virtual reality worlds and races. (Yes, guys, we can set the software to slow down the gals a bit and maybe let you win once in a while.) We can go to the tropics when the snow is falling outside. The facility will have Wahoo Kickr's, an indoor bike trainer that will let you accurately measure your power and control your resistance. With the open third-party software options of this trainer, cool applications for you to enjoy are being built all the time. A screen shot from Zwift is shown below. This software works with the Wahoo Kickr and lets you race friends all over the world. (Maybe we can even launch a spin off company that does cycling virtual reality software development, tested at Launch Endurance!) Your human training friends may get a little jealous when you declare your love for this trainer.

Not into cycling so much? What about swimming? Swimming is a great sport that is easy on the joints and has fantastic health benefits. Launch Endurance is being planned with an Endless Pool. No more hitting the walls like at a traditional pool! So, if you are unsure of how that first open water swim will go, no worries! You will have already swum continuously for that distance. Are you already an experienced swimmer? Wouldn't it be nice to schedule your swim time on-line and never have a crowded lane? You will always have the pool to yourself.

These pools are also fantastic for improving your stroke. A coach standing at your poolside can see exactly what you are doing. (Or what your kiddo who is learning how to swim is doing.) You will be able to see your stroke, too, with the underwater mirror as you swim. With underwater cameras in the pool, you will be able to choose whether to have your swim session videotaped for analysis. This pool will be a busy swim geek's paradise. This picture is an example of a similar facility.

Some of you who know who I am might be wondering . . . Isn't this the Pet Pangaea owner? Yes, I founded Pet Pangaea LLC 10 years ago and enjoy operating a small business in Los Alamos. I also founded Triatomics Multisport Club, a nonprofit organization in Los Alamos that is a USA Triathlon club. Triatomics took off through the hard work of many people and puts on the annual AtomicMan Duathlon event and helps many prepare for the Los Alamos Triathlon with the Splash n' Dash series each year. So, why in the world do I want to do this, too? First, I love building community. I also want to get Launch Endurance certified as a USA Triathlon Performance Center. This facility would serve as an attraction to Los Alamos; despite having so many athletes in our state, we don't have one certified center! Most importantly, I also believe in the power of movement and know the absolute joy that endurance sports can bring. I have battled lung problems my entire life. I've had spontaneously collapsed lungs and chest tubes to fix them. I am a life-long asthmatic. This is a picture of me at my last bad exacerbation in 2011, which landed me a hospital stay because I could not breathe well enough to oxygenate my blood properly. Take a deep breath in and out right now. Appreciate that you can.


I started running ~30 years ago, after getting my first chest tube, out of the joy of being well enough to do so. I started doing triathlons 22 years ago and have finished 50+ triathlons. I realize how lucky I am to have toed the start line of each one. I am very proud to be a 3-time Ironman. I am not fast, but the journey has been nothing but amazing.

For those of you who haven't (yet) experienced the true joy of movement, I really hope I get the opportunity to share that with you. I am convinced that the health benefits that I have gained from the sport of triathlon have saved my life multiple times. Launch Endurance is where you can dream big, believe in yourself, and have the tools and support you need to accomplish your dreams efficiently. I hope you will support me in bringing this great facility to life in our community.

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