Help ABQ Keep $179M - again!

Help ABQ make the "10% Shift;" moving just 10% of shopping from National Chains to Locally Owned, Independently Operated Businesses keeps $179M here

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Albuquerque, NM, USA

What should Albuquerque spend a $179,000,000 windfall on?

That's enough to create 3,400 jobs that pay $50,000/year!  That's enough to replace our sewer system in just three years!


Every picture tells a story, don't it? Do you want your money to leave town or stay here?

The 2015 Directory will include QR Codes linking to the Apple and Android Mobile Apps!

Once again YOU can personally help

the Albuquerque Metropolitan area KEEP $179,000,000

we're currently sending out of town!

Last year contributions from neighbors like you helped Albuquerque "get" what "Buy Local" means and how shifting just 10% from national chains to Locally Owned businesses will retain $179,000,000 for us all! Our Crowdfunding project raised awareness through the business press, raised the total number of Members in Good Standing, and raised enough money to increase consumer awareness by putting our Members, our Shared Branding and our message about the "10% Shift" into more than 100,000 upscale ABQ area homes.

Money invested at Local Restaurants                 Money spent at Local Retailers recirculates
recirculates 2.54% more!                                              nearly  Three Times!


Business plan:

KeepItQuerque - buy local celebrated our tenth year by publishing nationally recognized Civic Economics' study (Download the .pdf version of the Study Here) showing how money recirculates within our economy when spent locally versus when spent at a national chain. While there are differences between retailers and restaurants, the general results are in line with communities around the USA; a dollar recirculates 2.5 to 3 times more when spent at a local store. By “shifting 10% to local businesses” the Albuquerque Economy will retain $179,000,000 – every year.

Over 100,000 households were asked to "Look for This Sign on Windows and Doors Where You Shop!"
Is it on YOUR Door?

Join KeepItQuerque - buy local as we head into our 12th year with plans to provide as many as 175,000 single-family households in the Albuquerque Metro Area an Educational Member Directory. KeepItQuerque - buy local hopes to include Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and Belen.

Using a four-page, four-color printed member directory on 45 lb. paper, KeepItQuerque - buy local will

  • provide a link to the KeepItQuerque Mobile App for Android and iPhones,
  • a simplified visual of the Civic Economics study on page 1,
  • a listing of all members divided into basic categories (e.g.: Retail, Dining, Services, Business to Business, etc.) on pages 2 and 3,
  • six contributors will be featured with their respective logos, slogans, and contact information (phone, address, website) on page 4 and
  • one Local Super Hero will have their logo, and business listing on the front page!

2014 Directory Back Page


Goals & Objectives:

Because projects have to be 100% achieved in order to be funded this project is designed to "over-achieve!"

The stated project goal is $4,800 to reach 70,000 homes by mailing within locally owned, independently operated New Mexico MarketPlace magazine. The “Cost-per-Household” is less than .07 cents for a complete, 4 page, 4 color brochure!  

When we surpass our $4,800 goal and reach $6,000 we will add another 35,000 households (total - 105,000) to the recipients of the Member Directory  and reduce the cost-per household to just less than .06 cents! 

When we reach $8,000 we will add the final 70,000 households (at 175,000 total households the cost-per-household is 4.6 cents per household!) to educate nearly 300,000 Albuquerque area citizens about the "Local Multiplier" and provide options about where they can "Buy Local."

Starting immediately and with a final deadline of April 29, 2015, you are encouraged to contribute as aggressively as possible, and everything helps. As concerned neighbors you may care to help with as little as $10 or $25 dollars to show your support.  If you are a business owner please consider whatever level of membership best suits your budget and your sales objectives.

Organization background:

KeepItQuerque - buy local is The City of Albuquerque's "Official Voice of Buy Local!"

Established as the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance in 2003 KeepItQuerque has been advocating on behalf of Albuquerque's local economy ever since.

"Back in the day..."

KeepItQuerque has been spreading the "10% Shift" message


Christmas Billboards, 2013

The current board of directors include

Mark Santiago, Axiom CPAs; President

Gilbert Chavez, Gilbert J. Chavez, CPA; Treasurer

Linda Dodson, Girl Fridays; Secretary

Maxine Chavez, ABQ Drug Testing Inc.

Steve Garcia, C.G. Printers

Larry Espinosa, ABQ Sol FC


Clifton Chadwick, Executive Director