Gag Gifts for Dads

Life can be stressful for new dads. Gag gifts for dads makes silly products, like pacifiers that double as a bottle openers, that make dads laugh.

Started: 2014-10-31T12:08:41+00:00

Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA

Gag Gifts for Dads was created the day that my husband came home from work and I handed him the baby, and a beer. 

Much to his dismay, he didn't have an extra hand to open his beer when he was holding the baby. We realized, with a laugh, that her pacifier looked just like a beer opener.... What if we could actually use a pacifier to open a beer?

The idea was good for a laugh, and we decided it would be fun to sell them to new dads as a gag gift. We call it the Daddy Paci. 

I would like to raise $1,500 to create a prototype of this simple product so that we can begin to manufacture and sell them. 

The Daddy Paci is the perfect gift to give to an expecting dad the moment when the baby is on the way and Mom is being showered with all kinds of fluffy, pink, and tiny things. He realizes that this new little person will be extremely fragile, and it's up to him to keep him or her alive for the next couple of decades. Panic sets in... This is all way too serious!

It's the only shower present he needs. 

But first, I need to create the product. Thank you for your support!