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EZmeme is a social mobile app delivering happiness and insight by making it super easy for everyday people to create and share awesome memes. Go Viral

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The Twitter Generation Needs To Start Thinking!

But How Do We Break Through And Get Focus?

We Fight Fire With Fire, With Viral Memes

Now Anyone Can Make an Attractive Meme


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About EZmeme:

EZmeme is a social mobile app promoting happiness by merging curated big data sets of positive text 
and images and automatically creating shareable content for users to engage their friends. The process 
of generating the meme is empowering and creative for the user, and the creator’s friends are surprised 
and delighted by the content. This results in viral sharing of inspiring, enlightening and fun messages.   
EZmeme has various upsale opportunities for monetization such as premium (hi-rez) photos, filters, 
fonts, and prints and the app will expand to other social media and messaging platforms. EZmeme’s 
primary revenue stream will follow the ad model of premium sponsorships by parties that endorse the 
created meme. At scale, the meme becomes a phenomenon, the user sees life more positively and the 
entire social network benefits.