Daisy Chain USB Cable

The first self-replicated all-in-one smart USB cable for your charging and data sharing need.

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          Utility & Design Patent  Pending 2014

         The 1st Place of UNM-LA Pitch Day 2014

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    The 2nd Place of Power Up Your Idea Competition 2014

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Gary Xie Making His American Dream Come True


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What is Daisy Chain USB Cable

Daisy Chain USB cable is an ultra-portable all-in-one USB cable solution with built in USB 2.0 hub designed to sync or charge up to 3 additional USB devices to a single USB port of AC adapter or notebook computer.




3 Unique Features

  • Self-replicated Daisy Chain connection

  • USB hub built-in

  • Smart chip prioritizes and delivers the best charge


Quick Facts

  • Standard Edition: All-in-one cable aesthetic design to minimize clutter

  • Action Edition: Shaped like a vehicle remote and attaches onto your keychain

  • Retractable cable design free from tangling wire

  • Connecting up to 3 additional USB devices to a single USB port*

  • Full function USB hub with plug and play when connected to a computer

  • Works with all Android Micro and Standard USB Devices, optionally works with Apple devices

  • SmartChip prioritizes charging phone at full speed every time

Standard Edition

Action Edition


The Problem: Forgot the USB Cable



The Solution: Ultra Compact Design

A data/charging cable for your mobile USB device that's there when you need it, and out of your way when you don't. The USB, Micro USB, and female USB connectors are fold inwards and snap together to form a keychain. It fits seamlessly onto your keychain to conveniently charge and sync your MP3, smart phone, digital camera, gaming device and much more. So it's perfect for travel, busy professionals, students, and mobile workers. 


The Problem: Too Many USB Devices, Too Few Ports Available.

Have you ever wished you have an extra USB port on your slimbook? Have you ever wished you could travel light, just take one or two cables with a charger to charge multiple devices?  Do you want to never worry about running out USB port? 

Look Familiar? At a hotel room, at the airport, and at a cafe.

With the fast development of electric accessories widely used daily, such as smart phone, e-reader, tablet, Bluetooth earphone, smart watch and objects of the like, charging these devices daily is required.  Frequently, users experienced not having enough charging outlet if all devices charged at the same time. It is especially true while on travel, such as in vehicle, at airport, and in hotel room, typically, the single or limited power outlets are not quite enough to meet the requirement any more. 

The common limitation is the lack of enough USB ports in proportion to the number of devices we would like to hook up to accommodate all of the chargers, dongles and devices that a modern, connected lifestyle needs to take into account


The Solution: The self-replicated Daisy Chain connection

Our answer is the DaisyChain cable, the first self-replicated cable with integrated self-replicated socket that provides not only a connector for charging your device, but also provides an additional USB dedicated port as a mini USB hub.  This allows cables to be stacked so that several devices can be charged and connected from a single USB port.  


The Problem: How to Sync with Up to Three Devices via Single USB Port

With our on the go lives and reliance on our portable electronic devices, we can nearly be certain, we will never have enough USB port or find enough power outlet.  It’s also a common problem for trendy slim laptop to use multiple devices at the same time, such as USB mouse, external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.  For data transferring need, we have to always carry a USB hub for connecting multiple devices to our slimbook, for example 2 USB ports on Apple Air and 1 USB port on MS Surface. 


The Solution: Diasy Chain Built-in USB Hub Function

The Daisy Chain USB cable features a slim, compact design with built-in USB hub. 2 Daisy Chain cables enable up to 3 devices to share a single available USB port with full USB 2.0 compatibility and performance. It is powered by the USB bus for low power consumption, and allows you to hot-swap devices (connect and disconnect) without first turning your system off.

The Problem: Android Charger won't Charge Apple Devices

Are you wondering why your iPhone USB charger won't charge your Samsung device, or vice versa? Do you feel confused when the 'Universal' USB charging ports would not work with all your devices?  The reason is not all charging ports are created equal. Standard ports only charge some devices at full speed and others often really slowly.


The Solution: Smart Chip Prioritizes and Delivers the Best Charge  (in developing)

With built-in smart chip, the Daisy Chain USB cable detects your devices when they are plugged in and automatically adjusts the charging signal to deliver fast charging speed. With 5 volts 2.1 amps (5V2.1A) power adapter and smart chip technology, each port intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed. So you save hours of time. 


Hands on Working Prototype (without Smart Chip)

Tested on following cases. All works on one USB port as expected.

  1. 5V2A powerbank on charging 2 Android phones and E-reader
  2. USB Keyboard, mouse and thumb drive connecting to a Android pad.
  3. USB powered external hard drive, thumb drive and mouse connected to a laptop.
  4. 5V2A AC adapter on charging 2 Android phones and E-reader

The first self-replicated smart cable with USB hub function for charging and sync!

Wherever you go, so should your all-in-one Daisy Chain USB smart cable! Stay connected and stay powered up in all of your daily activities.


The Geeky Part


  • Standard Edition: Ultra Compact, portable micro usb Charger/Data Cable
  • Action Edition: Shaped like a remote and fits onto your keychain
  • Retractable Cable design free from tangling wire
  • The USB, Micro USB, and female USB connectors fold inwards and snap together to form a keychain
  • Works with all Android Micro and standard USB Devices
  • Charge your devices from any USB power source, and connect it to a computer to sync your data
  • Full function Plug and play of USB hub; no software required
  • Supports high-speed (480Mb/s), full-speed (12Mb/s) and low-speed (1.5Mb/s)
  • USB hub is intended for low or self powered devices
  • Transfer data and charge up to 3 Android smart phones with Micro USB charging port via 2 Daisy Chain cable

Design & Engineer

Featuring a simple, clean design, the Daisy Chain USB cable enables up to three devices to share a single available USB port. The design is meant to be slim, while having an aesthetic feel, making it an ideal candidate for travelers or road warriors who want to travel light.  Daisy Chain USB cable is recommended for low powered USB devices including mice/keyboards, card readers, external CD/DVD players, or self-powered devices such as printers, storage drives, etc. Plug-and-play functionality allows quick and easy installation on your system. 

Equipped with smart USB charging controller chip, this daisy chian cable can automatically detects the attached devices and adjust output to ensure optimum charging speed.  Using  a standard 5 volts 2.1 amps (5V2.1A) ac adapter, DaisyChain can deliver output for up to 3 devices, charging one tablets and one smart phone, or 3 smart phones with the faster speed, and at the same time! No need to find dedicated charger for each devices you have, just grap any 5V 2.1 A charger and plug in. This cable will finds the best possible way!


Comparison to other products

NOTHING compares to the all-in one design of Daisy Chain.

  • Multiple Port Charging Station - Perfect there is only one outlet available, but not data transferring capability and bulky size. 
  • Multiple Port USB Hub – Perfect for data transferring, but not designed to charge multiple devices. 

Daisy Chain USB Cable, it's the perfect blend of USB Hub and standard USB data charging cable. 

Advanced Technologies Used (in development)

Smart Chip technology intelligently identifies your device and speaks the language it needs for full speed charging. Coupled with a USB hub chip and 2A charge connect up to three USB devices simultaneously.


The Development Plan

Daisy Chain USB Project

Founded in spring of 2014, Daisy Chain USB Project was originally started from a final project of (BSTC-193-300) introduction to Entrepreneurship at UNM-LA. Our team is composed of few people with complimentary backgrounds and experience, who all share the same passion for creative and functional technology accessories. We aim to improve lifestyles through developing unique and protective cases, mounts, stands and accessories.

Gary Xie, Founder

This is not Gary's first innovative new product. He invented the first ClipCam, the most versatile cell phone case. He has more than 10 years of management experience as a LANL scientist and project leader. He has a wide range of transferable skills, particularly in critical thinking, problem analysis, teamwork, and management

Next Steps

With a working prototype without Smart Chip, we now need funding to complete our development and testing of Daisy Chain USB cable.

Funding and Risks

If you've never brought a product to market, you can't imagine how the costs pile up. We are seeking a minimum of $20k to bring this cool new design to market. With your support we will raise up enough money for launching the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign next year. We believe we have a very unique product, but the world is a big place and there is always the risk we don't know, for example one risk is we cannot get the smart chip small and low-cost enough to be commercially viable. If so, we will not implement the smart chip in our production.  But  truthfully, the greatest risk for any new venture is shortage of funds. The Daisy Chain USB will move ahead regardless of how much we raise with this campaign. The bottom line is that if you like what we're doing and can afford to support us, the best way to help us minimize the project's risk is to support Daisy Chain USB project now by clicking on one of perk links on the right.  


The Daisy Chain main street crowd funding campaign is a fundraising for launching Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign next year.  All earliest releasing Daisy Chain USB cables are contiguous with our success in next round of Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.