Bring Boomerang to Los Alamos!

Whimsical? Magical? Fun and funky? Affordable? Do you associate these words with shopping in Los Alamos? Maybe we CAN! Bring Boomerang to Los Alamos!

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Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA

Bring Boomerang to Los Alamos!

Boomerang is an Upscale Resale and Consignment shop that has been making people HAPPY with clean and organized, gently used clothing, accessories, furniture, books, household items, and antiques in Espanola for over 12 YEARS! I want to bring the Boomerang magic to Los Alamos offering consignment, donation for credit, and a truly fun and relaxing shopping experience.

Here's what I HAVE  ~

**The knowledge of how to run a successful resale boutique with 12 years of experience at Boomerang in Espanola

**A commitment to this community ( I live here!)

**Over 2000 square feet to fill with a huge variety of high quality, gently used items- like clothing, furniture, housewares and books!

**A great location ~ 1247 A Central Avenue - behind LANB, in the same building as the Daily Post. I have signed the lease and am pouring every cent of my savings into the project. This is where community support for new business comes in~ this will be a business YOU can enjoy day after day, week after week, year after year. A small donation NOW will help build a resource for this ENTIRE community for years and years to come.

I NEED your help to get this new business off the ground. I need to purchase racks, displays, shelving units, signage, lights, rugs, hangers, and all the other startup costs. I need to renovate the building to turn it into something beautiful, whimsical and functional. I am trying to obtain used equipment wherever I can to help reduce the environmental impact of new (I recycle everything! In fact, I have only purchased one box of customer carry bags in the last twelve years!) I also need $$ to pay the rent while the business gets its feet on the ground.

Why should YOU help? It's simple really. Our community NEEDS a resale store where we can buy and sell our gently used items 5 or 6 days a week for 7 or 8 hours a day! We NEED a place where it's both fun and encouraged to just browse, visit, connect with friends and unwind. Boomerang offers just that! We will have an indoor play area for your children to enjoy while you visit or browse, a book room filled with great used books (starting at 75cents each) and comfy chairs to rest in. and a floating river overhead with stuffed and carved fish 'swimming' in the gentle current. This place is like NOTHING Los Alamos currently has. Check out the Boomerang in Espanola to see how I do things. You will be amazed at how nice a Resale shop can be!

We all know how hard it is to start a business, especially in Los Alamos. Rents are high, available buildings are scarce, and start up costs are prohibitive. I am just a small business owner. I am not don't open a Resale shop to get rich. You open it because you love people and you love cool stuff. I want to bring that love to Los Alamos....I think that Boomerang will be a contribution to this community and its great families...and I hope you will too. Can you help?

Wish List

In addition to money, please look over our wish list to se if there is another way you can help!

Clothing racks                                 Book shelves

Jewelry display cases                       Jewelry display stands

Metal restaurant shelving units          Chandeliers (the ones that look like crystal)

Carpet runner - preferably red or purple, about 3 feet (ish) wide by 100 foot(ish) long

Pants hangers                                  Plastic hangers

Area rugs                                        8 sheets of nicer plywood

A wooden train set                           Old west/cowboy decorations for play area

Utility sink                                       Flamingos of all shapes and sizes

Window shutters, 2 sets for play area

About 40 to 50 feet of picket fence to decorate the outside

Large planters for outside beautification 

Pretty fake flowers, fake flower vines for interior and exterior beautification

Beaded curtains

Stuffed fish/wooden fish to hang from a floating river

THANKS for reading all the way down!!

With love and gratitude,

Anna Dillane