Breastpumps for Moms

Some mothers need a hospital grade breastpump to feed their medically fragile babies. Let's make sure they have one available locally!

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Los Alamos, NM 87544, USA

Some babies are born premature, or with a heart condition, or Down Syndrome.  These babies are medically fragile and are in particular need of their mother's milk to grow stronger.  But many time these babies can't feed at the breast. What to do now? 

Or some mothers find they are unable to provide a full milk supply.  But they want to provide as much breastmilk as possible for their little ones.  What to do now? 

In all these situations, a special breastpump, a hospital grade pump with a powerful motor, is necessary to maintain optimal milk production over a long period of time.   

Maintaining lactation is important to the future health of babies who are facing challenges, who need mother's milk for optimal growth and development. 

A new hospital grade pump costs around $1000 and is out of the price range of most families. We have just one hospital grade breastpump available in Los Alamos; it is often in demand.  In many cases, mothers need to travel to Santa Fe to rent a pump, when they may already be stressed caring for a fragile baby. This just adds insult to injury. 

Los Alamos needs more options for mothers who need hospital grade breastpumps; pumps should be available in Los Alamos to rent. 

For instance, little Michael was born with a heart defect and didn't have the stamina to breastfeed. Yet in his fragile state, he needed the immunities in his mother's milk to be as strong and healthy as possible for surgery, scheduled some months in the future.  His mother, Susan, needed a hospital grade breastpump, designed to optimize milk supply when babies can't feed at the breast.  Susan could not find a pump to rent in Los Alamos, causing stress to her and her family.  

You Can Help!

You can ensure these specialized pumps are available for mothers in Los Alamos, when they need them, and can be delivered to her home instead of having to travel to Santa Fe for a pump.  

Please support my Main Street Crowd campaign, adding hospital grade breastpumps to my business, Pajarito Lactation, and ensuring mothers receive pumps in a timely manner, delivered to their doorstep by a board certified lactation consultant, with instructions for use, with a listening ear and caring heart, with information and support.  


Thank you!

("In the event that a mother is separated from her newborn (due to medical condition of mother or baby), a hospital-grade breast pump should be provided and utilized to establish successful lactation."