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Help me produce a new and improved "Deluxe" version of the Boozhound Laboratories DIY phono preamp kit for record lovers and curious audiophiles.

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Boozhound Labs

Boozhound Laboratories is seeking $1,000 in funding to create a new and improved “deluxe” version of my best-selling product, the JFET Phono Preamplifier.

Photo is of the current model.  The Deluxe model will be way awesomer!

A phono preamplifier is an electronic device that amplifies and equalizes the output of a record player so that the signal is suitable for input into an amplifier.  Very few modern stereo systems include a phono input, so this additional component in needed for vinyl playback.

Who are the customers?

There is a large global community of record lovers, audiophiles, and DIYers.  These folks congregate online, and are pushing the state of the art for audio playback.  People are drawn to this hobby for a variety of reasons - nostalgia, curiosity, perfectionism, thriftiness.  For me it is all about a passion for learning and for making things myself.

Tell me about the business.

Boozhound Laboratories started in 2001 as a blog where I would post descriptions of the things I built, including vacuum tube amplifiers, speakers, and other audio and non-audio projects.  The blog was popular and created a solid online reputation for me in the audio world.  In 2010, I created the Phono stage kit and began selling it on eBay.  It sold well, and eventually I created a total of 5 audio kits and transitioned to a Shopify store.  Now I am at a point where a little bit of your help will help me take it to the next level!

What is better about the new phono stage?

It will address the 2 most common customer requests - more gain, and lower output impedance.  The new phono stage will have 3 gain stages instead of 2, and will have an output buffer.  This will increase the cost and price of the kit compared to the current version, so I plan to offer the existing kit as a low cost option, and the new kit as a “deluxe” option.

What exactly is a phono stage?

A phono stage is a preamplifier that takes the output directly from the needle playing the record, and equalizes and amplifies it so that the signal can be fed into an amplifier or preamp.  When a record is cut, the bass frequencies are reduced to make the grooves physically smaller so that more music can fit on an LP (Long Playing record).  The phono stage undoes this equalization to bring back the bass.  If you put your ear to the needle while it is playing a record, you can hear what the record sounds like before the phono stage does it's thing.

How will the money be used?

$1000 will be used to manufacture the initial run of circuit boards and to purchase the parts needed to complete the kits.  If this amount is exceeded, the additional money will be used to fulfill additional preorders and for R&D on future kits.

You have my personal guarantee that I will deliver on this project.  I take your generosity very seriously.  I cannot gurantee that there will not be unforseen challenges, but I promise to "make it right" no matter what happens.  I have a proven track record for producing these kits, and have all of the necessary processes and partners in place, so the risk is as low as I can make it.

Thank you for having a look at my project.  Please feel free to ask questions!  I love to hear from fellow audio nerds and friends.

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