A Lady's Gentleman

This project is to help create a budget for an upcoming film based in Durango, Colorado and surrounding areas.

Started: 2017-05-10T22:44:55+00:00

Durango, CO, USA

Hello Film Lovers!  My name is Sarah K. and I am preparing to budget my first film, “A Lady’s Gentleman.”  The story is set in Durango, Colorado and surrounding mountain communities during the annual Labor Day celebration.  Set in a world of love, drama, and the human condition, the plot involves the journey of a young, single mother who overcomes the obstacles of drug addiction and domestic violence.

Attached to this project thus far are content editors, local business owners, an experienced producer and film maker, all whose dedicated assistance and enthusiasm will ensure completion of the film.  Additionally, we are approaching a credited director who is familiar with the script and resides locally when not occupied with major film projects.

Our goal at present is to fund the creation of the budget through the professional services of a Hollywood-based accounting firm that specializes in the financial nuances of budgeting a film.  Once budgeting is complete, we will rely on investors for a majority of our budget, for items such as actors and crew salaries, location royalties, etc.  Should we be fortunate and exceed our fundraising goal for accounting costs, all additional monies will be spent for administrative expenses incurred prior to and during filming.    

Our goal (to cover budgeting) is a minimum of $3,000.00.  We are excited to offer incentives to our contributors such as a chance to visit the film set once filming begins, lunch with the principals (actors and actresses, producers, directors and the author), the opportunity to act as an extra, possibly a small role, the opportunity to work with various departments on set, and tickets to the premiere.  Please check our page for updates and communications about our various opportunities as we proceed closer to filming.  Thank you for your support and interest.