2016 Minturn Skijoring

go MINTURN is seeking to secure funding for the 2016 Minturn Skijoring event. Only three skijoring events take place annually in Colorado.

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Minturn, CO, USA


For most people around the world, “Colorado” conjures up an image of pristine alpine beauty, expansive ranchlands, dramatic mountain vistas and challenging ski slopes.  It is a destination  many only dream of experiencing.  

Well, what if there was an event that transported you into this world, that combined the winter excitement of ski racing in its sheer athleticism with the mystique and raw beauty of the Colorado cowboy lifestyle?  That event is coming to Minturn on February 27th & 28th, 2016.  It is called skijoring.  

Imagine a horse rearing up, then suddenly accelerating from zero to 40 in just three strides right before your eyes.  Image a skier grasping a 30 foot hemp rope and being towed over a snow covered course, landing 6-8 foot jumps and capturing rings with a lance made from a sawed off ski pole.  Imagine the 800’ straight away lined with thousands of cheering spectators as the snow and ice fly.  

Welcome to equine skijoring, the glorious clash of two counter cultures, extreme ski and Western rodeo.  

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to support one of the most thrilling, jaw dropping, action packed, “down home” Colorado style events.


go MINTURN is administering the Clowd on the Main Street Crowd platform to support Minturn's skijoring event. Main Street Crowd/Clowd funding will enable go MINTURN, with the partnership of the Minturn Community Fund, to obtain the necessary equipment and cover operational costs. We need your support!


Skijoring has been the undisputed top winter attraction in Minturn for the past three years. Thus this annual event is a natural choice for supporters who wish to reach an ever expanding base of consumers in the winter-sports community. Skijoring delivers an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind experience, to the Vail Valley and attracts an audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

Surveyors using handheld data collection tools (PDA’s) conducted in-person intercepts throughout the event. The estimated attendance was based on the number of vehicles that entered the event’s designated parking area, as well as specific survey data. Approximately 783 patrons attended over the course of the event. 51 attendees responded to in-person intercepts, which results in an overall margin for error of 11.2% at a 95% confidence interval.

86% of the respondents came to Minturn specifically for the event, and 81% of the respondents are “Very” or “Extremely likely” to return in the future. 79% of the first-time attendees are “Very” or “Extremely likely” to return in the future. The Skijoring event achieved a Net Promoter Score of 51, with 59% of the respondents classified as “Promoters”. Overall satisfaction with the Skijoring event earned a mean satisfaction rating of 4.4 on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1=Not at all satisfied and 5=Extremely satisfied. When respondents were asked if there was one thing we can do to enhance their experience during this event in the future, most of those who responded requested better parking and seating.

Of those who came to Minturn for the Skijoring event, 93% were local visitors and 2% were overnight guests. Overall, 84% of the attendees were from Colorado. Respondent households spent an average of $31 on dining/drinks, and an average of $11 on retail within the Town of Minturn over the course of the event. The Skijoring event was responsible for generating approximately $17K (+/- 20%) for the Town of Minturn in 2014.

Newspaper, word-of-mouth, and Facebook were the most effective channels of communication. 25% attended with “Family (including children)”, and 24% attended by themselves. The average age of the respondents was 45, and the average age of the children under 18 in attendance was 5.1. 16% earn a household income of over $100K. 87% have at least a four year degree, and 58% own their home. Aside from skiing/riding; snowshoeing, and snowmobiling were the most mentioned favorite winter-time activities. Outdoor enthusiast, sports enthusiast, and traveler were the most commonly mentioned lifestyle categories.

Photo by Ken Hoeve. Dana Stiles, Rider, Daniel Riley, Skier.