Build a following with a free Clowd®

We offer branded platforms called Clowdz® that connect the people, businesses, entrepreneurs, community organizations and lenders in your community to fund a stronger, better community for all.

Your organization can host a Clowdz® with your own brand, free! You control the geographic scope, membership, projects, and advertising and share in the revenue.

Clowdz® are free to set up and use, simple to administer, and can be hosted by non-profit organizations involved in civic work, business or community development, or disaster recovery and rebuilding including:

  • Faith-based Organizations and Charities
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery Organizations
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Community Development Corporations
  • Business Incubators & Accelerators
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Public Health Organizations
  • Volunteer First Responders
  • Veterans' Groups

FEE ALERT! - Every Clowd® has built-in rewards-based crowdfunding. Other popular sites charge fees of 5% to 9%, or more, to use their websites, plus the credit card processing fees. The fees are deducted from each donation. The projects you host in your Clowd will pay 5% plus credit card processing fees, but Main Street Crowd will return 1.5 of that 5.0% to you as the Clowd host to use at your discretion. Those funds can be returned to the project itself making the cost just 3.5%, used to promote the site to the public, or used for matching funds in other projects; in other words, more of the money donated to projects in YOUR site goes to support YOUR mission. And projects related to recovery and rebuilding after a natural disaster may not be charged a fee at all, 0%, with the support of your sponsors and advertisers. Learn more about this option here.

Take a look at our Clowd® guidelines to see if your organization qualifies and make plans today to form your own Clowd®. These unique local portals are free for non-profit organizations!