After a disaster, every dollar counts!

Tornados, hurricanes, torrential rain and flooding, drought, fire … all devastating to communities. There are local, state and federal resources and programs that help after a disaster, but often it is too little, too late, or it is helpful in the immediate aftermath and then the bureaucracy sets in.

In these times, it falls on the shoulders of the people and businesses in a community to help their families, friends, and neighbors through local relief and recovery organizations and churches. Funding is often done through large “crowdfunding” sites in which many people, giving a small amount each, can raise large amounts of money for specific needs within a community. These are personal stories that touch people around the country and they contribute $3, $10, maybe $50 or more to the cause. These sites charge 5% to 9%, some up to 15%, plus credit card processing fees.

A Better Way

Why lose 5% to 9% of the funds donated to a large, flashy crowdfunding website, with thousands of projects to sift through? You can have your own local site with the projects you care about, the same national reach, corporate matching funds, and NO FEES on disaster related projects! An additional 5% to 9% can really make a difference in someone’s life!

How can Main Street Crowd offer free crowdfunding? Through the help of local businesses in your community! Your site has advertising spots available to local businesses and professionals that YOU approve. Don’t worry; advertisements are completely under your control, there are no popups or annoying, random Google ads. These are very competitively priced and highly targeted local ads by businesses in your community. And your organization receives 40% of the advertising revenue! If the businesses in your area or your congregation support your efforts (and promote their businesses) by purchasing monthly ad spots, the disaster recovery projects in your Clowd® will have no fee! A minimum of 15 monthly ad spots is all you need to waive the 5% fee on these important projects.