Looking for a business loan or maybe to invest in a local business?


We provide links in all of our Clowdz® to best-of-breed lenders and crowd lending sites!

InvestNextDoor – We are proud partners of InvestNextDoor.com making it easy, efficient and cost effective for a business to access money locally to grow, and give investors direct access to investing in businesses in their community, which means great returns for them, and community growth for everyone.

OnDeck – Clowdz® will also link you to OnDeck.com, a premier national non-bank lender for established businesses. They focus on the strength of the business rather than credit score.

Prosper – Prosper is also represented in our network of Clowdz® … America's first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than 2 million members and over $1,000,000,000 in funded loans.

We also highly recommend using the resources provided by your local SBDC and SCORE offices:

Lenders – Advertise in your local Clowdz®

We offer branded platforms called Clowdz® that connect the people, businesses, entrepreneurs, community organizations and lenders in your community to fund a stronger, better community for all.

If you are a lender involved in business loans and would like to advertise in local or regional Clowdz®, contact us at support@mainstreetcrowd.com. We would love to hear from you!