Service Provider Guidelines

In short, to be listed as a Service Provider you must:

  1. Be a member of Main Street Crowd, 18 years of age or older;
  2. Be a professional in a business that provides services in your community that may be useful for entrepreneurs, business owners, or community development activities;
  3. Be a legitimate and duly licensed provider of the services you advertise and authorized to list your business as a service provider on Main Street Crowd;
  4. Be authorized or licensed to conduct your business in the geographic areas in which you offer your services;
  5. Not solicit individual members directly or send unsolicited messages or advertising to members of any Clowdz® in which you list services; and
  6. Not have any inappropriate content within your listing.


Putting together a successful business or community development campaign often requires the services of local professionals whether to prepare legal documents, help with financial statements, or to create compelling business plans, videos, or illustrations. We believe that these professionals are a significant part of the economic development process and should be available as a resource to members seeking those services. Main Street Crowd offers a free listing to service providers according to the following guidelines.

Eligibility & Purpose: Service Provider listings are available to Main Street Crowd members, 18 years old or older, who provide services in their communities that may be useful for entrepreneurs, business owners, or community development activities. The purpose of our Service Provider listing is to connect our members with others who provide appropriate and professional assistance to members seeking to raise funds for a legitimate business startup, to grow a business, or for the benefit of the community at large through improvement of infrastructure or services. There must be some nexus between the services provided and the requirements of business development or the improvement of community infrastructure. Examples of services that may be listed are legal services, accounting services, web design and development, technical consultants, drafting, investment advisors, and videographers.

Legitimacy: Service Providers must be legitimate businesses, properly licensed to do business, and in good standing with their licensing board if they are members of a profession requiring licensure. Service Providers must be capable of providing the services offered in a competent fashion and authorized to serve the communities in which they promote their services. Main Street Crowd reserves the right to request verification of legitimacy of any Service Provider for any reason or no reason at all.

Free Listing: A free listing is provided to Service Providers as a courtesy to them as an integral part of the business community, and as a courtesy to others within the community who may be in need of the services provided. If you will display your logos or other images and provide content within your listing, you grant to Main Street Crowd a non-exclusive, non-transferable license during the term your listing is on our site for the use, copying or publicly display on the site of any such logos, trademarked, or copyrighted materials uploaded or developed within the site. Main Street Crowd reserves the right to delete any material that is deemed offensive or violates any of the Terms & Conditions for the use of our site.

Prohibited Uses: Free listings are provided to Service Providers to promote local business and connect members with others in the community who provide the services they need. Service Providers are prohibited from directly or indirectly soliciting business from members through contacts, discussions, or messages within the platform. In no case should Service Providers engage in “advertising” through the discussion threads unless a particular member requests information and the Service Provider is in a position to provide that service. In that event, the discussion should be taken out of the discussion thread and done directly. Service Providers will have the ability to post paid advertising in order to get the word out about particular services they provide. Main Street Crowd reserves the right to remove any Service Providers who abuse the privilege.

Prohibited Content: Main Street Crowd is devoted to campaigns that promote positive and constructive business development and improved quality of life in the community as well as Service Providers who support those efforts. Service providers must own or have the rights to any text, images, audio and video uploaded within their listing or advertising. Certain content is prohibited in Service Provider listings at our sole discretion including but not limited to: Contests and raffles, lotteries or sweepstakes, coupons (except as a reward), drugs of any kind, equity or profit sharing, loans or debt financing, offensive or inappropriate content, pornographic content of any kind, political endorsements or opposition, promotion of violence of any kind, and loss leader offers clearly designed to upsell members to other services.