Project Guidelines

In short, Projects must:

  1. Be created by a member of Main Street Crowd 18 years old or older;
  2. Be created to fund the startup or growth of a small business or to fund a worthwhile community infrastructure, services or quality of life improvement project;
  3. Offer rewards or "perks" to contributors in gratitude for their support;
  4. Not be created to fund a charity or a charitable cause with discretionary use of funds, or to fund life events or needs for individuals that do not impact the community at large;
  5. Not involve the usual suspect purposes that you would expect to be prohibited on a site such as this;
  6. Own or have the rights to use any text, image, audio or video content uploaded;
  7. Be approved by Main Street Crowd;
  8. Agree to be listed in any Clowdz® for purposes of promotion of the project; and
  9. Agree to the Terms & Conditions for the use of this site as posted.


Eligibility & Purpose: Projects can only be created by registered members of Main Street Crowd who are 18 years of age or older. Projects originated for a business or organization must be created by a member who is duly authorized by that business or organization to create and manage the project. Projects must be created to fund a legitimate small business startup, to grow a business, or for the benefit of the community at large through improvement of infrastructure or services or through benefits to the quality of life in the community.

Project Content: All projects must have a geographic location, a start date, finish date, and a fundraising goal. Projects must also offer rewards in gratitude for pledges. Videos and images are highly recommended as part of a compelling pitch to prospective backers of the project. Project creators must own or have the rights to any text, images, audio and video uploaded. All projects are approved by Main Street Crowd and we reserve the right to refuse any projects not consistent with these Project Guidelines or our Terms & Conditions. Projects created on Main Street Crowd are displayed in one or more of the websites in our exclusive Clowdz® network based on the settings in each clowd. All projects must include a “business plan” or statement that includes specifics on how funds will be used and clear goals and objectives to be accomplished with the funds. Business related projects should include a resume of the business owner and specifics on the business itself including name, location or proposed location, market studies, and other information predictive of success so that backers will be able to make educated decisions on whether to back your project. Community improvement projects must be specific as to how money will be spent, the worth and benefit to the community, and if work is involved, who will perform the work and on what schedule.

Rewards: Rewards are what project backers receive in return for their pledge. All projects must offer at least one reward. For businesses, rewards might be in the form of what you make or the services you provide. Or they might be recognition of your support such as a certificate or your name on a plaque. Rewards should be designed to give backers a meaningful thank you from project creator. Rewards may be as simple as a personal note, letter or card from the project creator, bumper stickers, t-shirts, publication in the local newspaper, or even an e-mail from the project creators.

Pledges: Pleges are made through WePay. When someone backs a project, an authorization is placed on the credit card for the amount pledged. Funds are taken only if the project is successful in reaching its goal during its term. However, if a project reaches 90% or more, but less than 100% of their funding goal, over the project term, the project will be closed but the project creator will have 7 additional days to submit the remainder of the funding to reach the goal and receive the funds committed by the crowd. For example, if a small business requires $20,000 in funding and receives $18,000 in pledges from the crowd by the end of the project term, the business owner will have 7 additional days to raise the other $2,000 and complete the project.

Prohibited Purposes: Main Street Crowd is devoted to projects that promote positive and constructive business development and improved quality of life in the community so certain project purposes, rewards and content are prohibited at our sole discretion including but not limited to: Contests and raffles, lotteries or sweepstakes, coupons (except as a reward), drugs of any kind, equity or profit sharing, loans or debt financing, offensive or inappropriate content, pornographic content of any kind, political endorsements or opposition, promotion of violence of any kind, rewards not directly produced by the project. Main Street Crowd does NOT list projects that are created to fund a charity or a charitable cause where the organization has discretionary use of the funds.

Eligibility Requirements for our Payment Processor: Main Street Crowd has partnered with WePay to process our payments. Backers must be 18 years of age, comply with all the terms and conditions of using Main Street Crowd, and the terms and conditions of using WePay as posted on the WePay website.