Clowd® Guidelines

In short, Clowdz® must:

  1. Be hosted by an authorized organization involved in some aspect of economic development in a community (See full guidelines for examples);
  2. Be created by a member of Main Street Crowd 18 years of age or older, on behalf of and authorized by an organization;
  3. Provide evidence of the existence of the organization and that it is in good standing;
  4. Be created for purposes of promoting campaigns related to business development or improvement of community infrastructure, services or overall quality of life;
  5. Not be created to fund a charity or a charitable cause with discretionary use of funds, or to fund life events or needs for individuals that do not impact the community at large;
  6. Not be created to host projects that involve the usual suspect purposes that you would reasonably expect to be prohibited on a site such as this;
  7. Own or have the rights to use any text, image, audio or video content uploaded to describe the clowd;
  8. Be approved by Main Street Crowd;
  9. Agree to perform any administrative duties associated with the type of clowd hosted; and
  10. Agree to the Terms & Conditions for the use of this site as posted.


Clowdz® are the way that Main Street Crowd brings visibility to crowdfunding campaigns; through sites administered by local, community organizations. Clowdz® are networking websites provided to community organizations for purposes of funding economic development activities. Campaigns will display in every clowd in which they are selected by virtue of their geographic location & settings.

Eligibility: Clowdz® may only be hosted by organizations related to economic development, not by individuals. These clowdz host campaigns related to business development or improvement of community infrastructure, services or overall quality of life.

The organizations that can host a clowd include: Chambers of Commerce, local business alliances, governmental entities (State, County, City, Town, etc.), Small Business Development Centers, Women’s Business Centers, Veterans Business Outreach Centers, SCORE Chapters, Economic Development Associations & Alliances, Volunteer First Responder Associations, Historic Property Restoration Associations, and Cemetery Associations & Corporations. If you would like us to consider an organization not listed, please contact us at

Business Development: We define business development campaigns as those by aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners that are directed specifically at raising capital for startup or expansion, or that raise capital for infrastructure projects benefiting local business.

Community Development: Community development involves raising capital for the purpose of creating, building, equipping, improving, restoring, renovating, rebuilding or rejuvenating community infrastructure or service provision. It can be to raise funds to improve community infrastructure, improve, enhance or expand community services, or generally improve the quality of life in the community in a way that benefits the community.

Creation and Administration: Clowdz® must be opened by a member of the organization with the authorization to do so. This person must provide evidence that the clowd has been authorized by the organization or evidence that he or she holds a position of responsibility within the organization with the authority to undertake hosting of a clowd on Main Street Crowd. This person must also provide evidence of the existence of the organization in the form of a letter or certificate of good standing or non-profit tax status. Main Street Crowd reserves the right to request any documentation we deem sufficient to satisfy these conditions.

Clowdz® must have an administrator of record at all times with valid contact information. While the responsibilities of a Clowd® administrator are not significant, he or she must respond promptly to situations that demand action. Should you encounter a situation in which your administrator is not available or no longer with the organization and you are unable to access and manage the Clowd®, please contact us at

Intellectual Property in Clowdz®: Clowd host organizations must own or have the rights to any text, images, audio and video uploaded. If you will display your logos or other images and provide content within your clowd, you grant to Main Street Crowd a non-exclusive, non-transferable license during the term the clowd is open for the use, copying or publicly display on the site of any such logos, trademarked, or copyrighted materials uploaded or developed within the clowd by administrators. Main Street Crowd reserves the right to delete any material that is deemed offensive or violates any of the Terms & Conditions for the use of our site.

Prohibited Content: Main Street Crowd is devoted to projects that promote positive and constructive business development and improved quality of life in the community. Clowdz may not post content or host projects with certain purposes or with certain types of rewards and content. Acceptability and appropriateness of projects and content is at our sole discretion. Prohibited content includes but is not limited to: Contests and raffles, lotteries or sweepstakes, coupons (except as a reward), drugs of any kind, equity or profit sharing, loans or debt financing, offensive or inappropriate content, pornographic content of any kind, political endorsements or opposition, promotion of violence of any kind, rewards not directly produced by the project. Main Street Crowd does NOT list projects that are created to fund a charity or a charitable cause where the organization has discretionary use of the funds.