Harness the power of the local crowd to achieve your mission!

If you are using the Chamber Nation Membership Development System, you already know that it includes a website, hosting, membership management, member benefits and support system, revenue generation and ad system, as well as an integrated mobile app and publishing system. Add crowdfunding to the growing list of benefits you have access to with Chamber Nation!


Never heard of crowdfunding? Simply, it’s a large “crowd” of people each contributing a small amount of money to accomplish a big project. There are many commercial crowdfunding sites through which people run fundraising campaigns. Now you can have your own site to bring crowdfunding and more to your community. Chamber Nation has partnered with Main Street Crowd to give you discounts and non-dues revenue potential from your own crowdfunding capability. Help your communities improve, grow and prosper by showcasing and supporting local projects and local professionals.


These community funding networks, free to set up, are called Clowdz®, the crowd in the cloud … it’s cloud computing. These networks connect the businesses, entrepreneurs, community organizations and lenders in your community with the local Crowd to fund a stronger, better community for all.

Download the Clowd® Formation Worksheet first to assist you in gathering the information you will need to get started! It’s easy! When you’re ready, simply or Sign Up on Main Street Crowd and from your personal dashboard select Form a Clowd.