Business Continuity Statement

REVISION DATE: This Business Continuity Statement was last revised on November 1, 2018 and became effective when posted.

Crowdfunding Offerings, Limited and Main Street Crowd are committed to providing our members with secure and reliable access to their accounts. This commitment includes providing information regarding our plans to address disruptions in our business operations due to power outages, natural disasters, or other significant events.

In the event of a disruption, we have a Business Continuity Plan that anticipates the resumption of our operations in the crowdfunding securities market no later than the next business day following a wide-scale disruption. This includes maintaining business operations such as customer service, communication, processing transactions, and providing access to information about balances and transactions in member accounts. Examples of how our plan addresses disruptions of varying scope and magnitude include:

Although we have taken significant steps to develop and implement sound business recovery practices, after a significant business disruptions, members may still experience service disruptions or reduced services or access as we recover. We continually assess, update and test our plans to ensure that they are robust and are consistent with many of the best practices in the industry.

If you have any specific questions with regard to our business continuity plans, please write to us at