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Main Street Crowd founders, Anthony Edwards and Marshall Neel, have been instrumental in shaping equity crowdfunding and the regulations that govern it. To see their full comments to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) visit Marshall Neel, Esq., Co-Founder, Crowdfunding Offerings, Limited

While helping to steer this new avenue of funding for growing and startup businesses, they set their sights on developing a better way to deliver crowdfunding of all types to communities. From their varied careers and experience in finance, they knew instinctively that crowdfinance is just one piece of the puzzle and that a successful economic development platform must bring all the pieces together in a way that works in every community. From that, Main Street Crowd was born to connect all the human networks involved in business and community development, in every community, every day. Through Main Street Crowd, community organizations involved in various aspects of economic development can host their own websites free of charge where they can connect their communities, run crowdfunding projects, promote local business professionals, and even connect businesses with local lenders through online business loan applications. Soon, businesses will be able to offer equity in their respective businesses to potential, individual investors. As the only truly local delivery system, by the people, for the people, Main Street Crowd’s patent-pending method of organizing communities around their own economic development will revolutionize the industry. At Main Street Crowd, we're committed to promoting prosperity and improved quality-of-life in every community.

Currently, Anthony Edwards and Marshall Neel continue to take a leading role in crowdfunding through their seminars and speaking engagements while they work to develop the many unique aspects of this disruptive innovation in crowdfunding delivery.

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About Anthony Edwards

Co-Founder, Crowdfunding Offerings, Limited

Anthony Edwards
Community collaboration and development involving a solid, forward-thinking approach has driven much of Anthony Edward’s business endeavors for the past two decades. As an attorney with San Juan Law Office in Silverton, CO, his primary focus has been on start-up and existing business consultation, and strengthening communities through positive economic growth and sustainability. In 2010, Anthony assumed the role of Owner's Representative to oversee the Silverton K-12 Rehabilitation Project, which transformed the last public school in Colorado heated by a coal boiler into a high performing, historic building. It’s on track to be the first K-12 LEED Gold facility in the world with 21st century technology and high efficiency methods such as life cycle energy systems analysis, day-lighting, natural ventilation and utility tracking. In addition, the green design methods incorporated into the transformation of this 1911 structure not only preserved the integrity of this historical district landmark but significantly lowered the long-term energy consumption and operating costs for the school.

Currently, Anthony is a member of Region 9 Economic Development District of Southwest Colorado and his law practice remains dedicated to assisting small businesses in the community. In recent months, he also founded, Crowdfunding Offerings, LTD, an intermediary platform where business owners will be able to offer equity in their respective businesses to potential investors in 2013. This is in response to efforts in Washington D.C. to enable the return of capital investments to main street America, and the passing of the Crowdfund Act of 2012 last spring.

About Marshall Neel

Co-Founder, Crowdfunding Offerings, Limited

Marshall Neel’s passion for small business, both his own and those of others, has launched several entrepreneurial endeavors over the past many years including a new business created around a patent pending on his own invention. This combined with dual careers as a banker and an attorney has provided him with a unique combination of experience and education keenly suited to the crowdfunding industry and particularly to the “New Frontier” of equity crowdfunding. His experience gives him a thorough understanding of the human networks that have supported business development for decades as well as the challenges faced by small business startups and existing businesses struggling to find capital for expansion. He brings his decades of knowledge and experience to Main Street Crowd knowing it would become the crowdfunding tool of choice for all those whose mission it is to support, develop and grow small business in the United States.

Marshall’s life experience has also made him aware of the impact that our present economic and regulatory environment is having on communities and the essential services they provide. For that reason, he has been instrumental in Main Street Crowd’s community and economic development focus that provides a tool through which communities can support themselves and improve necessary services, infrastructure and the overall quality of life.